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Show HN: GameOfCoins.de – Virtual Cryptocurrency Trading (gameofcoins.de)
83 points by eralpb 129 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 50 comments

Next step is to rank the participants, start making actual trades based on the top 50%, then ICO a coin promising a share of those profits for $30 million in ETH

Why not just go straight to the ICO? Most projects seem to do that and they still manage to raise those millions.


Hello, I created this for fun, although more professional tools are available for virtual trading this one is just focused on cryptocurrencies and for the fun aspect. The cryptocompare's API is used. I am willing to develop this a bit further, currently it's just a day old project.

Great idea, now I can see how I would suck about making the right coin choices! How about also showing the buying price to make it more apparent for me? :)

Also, something to keep in mind: There are occasional errors about database being locked.

Thank you, I may implement couple of features this weekend, I agree it'd be much better to see a bit of history!

Changed my database server, should give no errors as of now ;)

Getting 500 server error when trying to buy a cryptocoin.

You can make much more profit trading here than is actually possible, because buying virtually won't affect the market.

Yes it should take into account the trade volume and if you buy a significant amount there should be a penalty fee to emulate this somewhat.

I'm jealous. I've been working on almost the exact same thing for a week now.

Really jealous.

And a bit angry! Haha.

Maybe you tried to include too many features? :) My friends just wanted to give cryptocurrencies a try, and all these charts and orders are too complicated! This is where they can create a portfolio in couple of clicks and check it weeks later if they feel like it!

No, my idea is slightly more involved. However I want to use my own data, not other people's, so I spent time setting up a proper DB schema to hold exchange data from various providers. This is not complicated but also not trivial.

well, if you find yourself not wanting to work on it because someone else did it already, would you consider putting your schema online?

No I'm still working on it. I will definitely consider pushing code to GitHub.

Wow we are competitors: https://www.cryptoground.com/

Yours looks really nice, keep it up ;)

Bought some DOGE, sold it back, and now have $0, at the very bottom of the leaderboard:


I have company, though. :)

Neat project; I'm starting to think that most of these sites, and services that gamify crypto-speculating are training models around user behavior/mimicking trades.

Also, it threw a 500 internal server error after linking Twitter

Someone seems to have hacked it already: https://gameofcoins.de/portfolio/bury

Race condition?

Fun! It would be nice to see what price we bought the currency at in Trade History, plus what our current profit is per currency.

would be nice to track my trade history so i can see when i'm up or down on an particular coin

It should now be implemented ;) .. half of it lol

Can't go short? nobody can make returns on a down day except possibly selling back to USD?

I didn't want to convert this to a full-fledged trading platform with Stop Losses and orders etc. it requires too much effort. but if you want to test that I can recommend you Etoro's virtual mode. But thanks for your comment :)

short sells have nothing to do with stop losses and complex order types. but, alright, permabull virtual virtual currency trading.

You've virtually described the current state of bitcoin. People buy it and never sell it and never use it.

and thats okay. the M1 money supply is a tiny fraction of the currencies people actually respect, so it looks like bitcoin is working at the same standard those are held at.

Why the .de domain?

Feature request: Let me input exact amounts instead of only via the slider.

Where is IOTA? I want to "buy" it. Keep working on it, its really nice!

It is interesting that IOTA is missing.. because I already query 1300 coins. Let me check what is wrong :)

Yesterday I subscribed. Today I get spam. Anyone else?

I don't even ask for email.. how can I spam? :/ There is no "subscription" on the website.

Sqlite in production? Seriously? And Python 2.7... Move to 3.x and PostgreSQL at least ;-)

PS. Nice idea

I didn't know Python3 offers better performance to be honest, but Sqlite is a real ordeal for this t2.micro now ;)

(Switched to PostgreSQL in a hot-change fashion!)

SQLite can handle a lot more than people think. The SQLite website uses it for production (https://www.sqlite.org/whentouse.html)

It can handle a lot of reads, but you'll have problems with multiple concurrent writes (at least with Python). I run read-heavy production websites on SQLite just fine, though.

How much do you pay for your t2.micro?

It's $9.50/month. Quite a lot of money for 1GB RAM, 1 vCPU.


It doesn't make sense if you are not orchestrating them heavily, really.

Even if you do, if you need lots of power, just get a cheap powerful VPS or even dedicated.

AWS advantage is infinite redundancy, you can fully automate failing servers. But it looks like you have to pay around 10X for that.

I think we are saying the same thing :)

how did you come to know which stack, the app is using..

I had the Debug mode on, which gives MANY information about the stack and all that :)

this makes sense...but still he knows which database you are using. I dont think debug errors give that information. Or does it???

With Django debug toolbar or even flask debug toolbar, you can have this can of information.

It does

Not sure if this is a nice idea, a nice execution, or nothing at all. There was a HN post not too long ago on "please tell us what you do first thing". Guess you should (re)read that. Any action requires my twitter or a new account. And you call people without Twitter old school?

Jokes on you!


1. create a proper landing page

2. Allow us to check on what this is without sharing our data with you; because we won't without knowing what this is in this era.

3. Twitter new school? Ha!)

Haha sorry to offend you, I meant to say like Username/Password is kind of old-school in this era where the importance of digital identities are realised and there are many startups around it, Twitter uses an Authorization protocol (OAuth) which makes them "new school". I quite dislike Twitter.

You didn't offend, no worries. I understood what you meant. I just included it as a minor, not well understood it seems from the downvotes, joke to take the edge of the comment. My main message was you should update your landing page to explain what it is. That should reduce the bounce rates. Having to sign up without information on what you are signing up for is a big barrier and might (will) scare people away.

P.s. https://gameofcoins.de/ works but https://www.gameofcoins.de/ linked from your page results in a dns error. I guess your dns records need some tuning.

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