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Show HN: Professional profile management tool built using React (hiration.com)
72 points by anishsikka 129 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 31 comments

I clicked on pricing and it asks me to create an account - I think that it would be fair to show the pricing without needing an account.

Ideally I'd like to try out the product without needing to make an account or enter any payment information.

Edit: Fixed! :) You can check the pricing here: www.hiration.com/pricing

You can actually just sign up and try it for free. We have some great free designs and free content. Have a look! Thanks for the feedback!

Having to signup to see the pricing really just feels like a dark pattern though. That may not be the intent, but it's an unnecessary hoop. Why not just put the pricing up there and ask people to sign up for all that other content?

eh, i would like to know the pricing without having the need to sigh up.

Thanks for the feedback guys. The login was there by pure accident!

We just updated the pricing page: https://www.hiration.com/pricing/

It's just $12 for the premium plan and the 'HIRATIONHN' coupon gives you a 40% discount :)

It would really send a powerful message across that you believe in your product if you allowed people to try it without needing to jump through hoops or give up their email address. I personally would be more inclined to part with my money then.

Good luck!

Just so you are aware, I clicked the 'prices', thinking that if they were reasonable, I'd be using it in a flash. Then I got the signin link; closed the tab, and un-bookmarked it. I won't be returning. You may want to think about how you treat customers.

Hahahaha, well seems like they have fixed it now :)

this could absolutely have been a trivial oversight; if they're a rails app it's as simple as a stray line putting an "is_authenticated" before_filter or something on the controller. easily the kind of thing you'd have while dark-launched and then forget to remove later.

It seems, its fixed now. Great speed.

Please, please, please get rid of the scroll hijacking. It's really horrible to use the site.

Very, very, very dramatic.

Thanks for the feedback. We'll take care of it!

Note (and I've seen this in a lot of apps/sites) that you should expect to not receive an email from a Facebook login. I explicitly do not share my Facebook email, and every website that wants to do Facebook login fails to notice that and ends up in an undefined state.

Your site `/dieu/rest-auth/facebook/` endpoint crashes (because I assume it expects an email and doesn't get one)

Thanks a lot!

We missed this one. Will take care of this ASAP!

If I understand correctly, the only way to sign up is to use either Facebook or Google? There's is no way to just create a standalone account?

That all I saw too. Definitely not using until I can use any email address.

EDIT: Found this page https://www.hiration.com/accounts/signup/

Idk if that actually creates an account for the tool though.

Thanks for the feedback! Our own in house login is on the cards. Be out with it soon!

This is a pretty neat product - unsure if the monthly pricing makes sense. Don't get me wrong - it's great value, but I can't see myself using the product for more than one month if the output quickly lands me opportunities / a job after I use it.

Would it make more sense to pay per generation of a resume to maximize potential revenue?

Note: I have not signed up. Only looked at the examples.

- We’re 2nd time entrepreneurs who have hired 800+ people & have written resumes for 1,500+ professionals globally.

- Have worked in Adobe, BCG, KPMG, Sun Pharma etc. & have previously sold a $ 30 M company!

- Now we're building Hiration to help people change their jobs.

- Have launched the beta of our professional profile management tool which currently focusses on helping you build great resumes with 10+ designs & content for 50 jobs! More features incl. cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, mentorship etc. are coming soon!

- Here’s a 40% discount coupon to show our love for HN folks: HIRATIONHN

- Happy to do a professional resume review for $30: https://www.hiration.com/resume-review/

- Also, happy to answer any resume related questions that you may have! Shoot!

Why "React" in the post title? It's kind of irrelevant info in this case :)

Well, it's a resume service. Gotta include at least one JS framework to make it past HR.

Maybe including "AI or Deep Learning" would boost it even more next time.

"Built with love, using curated machine-learning, and react, to give you personalised resumes .."

I really like the trendy something design. Going to go ahead with it. What if I need assistance during the Resume making process? Do you provide that?

That's great! Thanks.

Yes! We are there to assist you at every step during the process. You can take the premium version of our tool for a DIY or you can go for a professional resume review for $30 only or you can opt for a complete resume rewrite!

No need to worry! We're there to help you out!

I suggest unmounting Joyride component after you go through the tutorial. It makes unnecessary renders after whatever else you do (e.g. changing the content/ on save).

Thanks for pointing it out! Will work on unmounting it ASAP :)

Whats the advantage of this over the profile you can build in stackoverflow?

How do you know when a resume has been shortlisted by a company?

We believe in the best customer service and client feedback. So we follow up with our users to understand how much we were able to help them. That's how we know!

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