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Show HN: YouTube Playlists Done Right (diskyt.com)
12 points by unowordo 70 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

It works! congratulations!

It feels a bit undecided on for whom it is, maybe even a bit like you are not 100% about this yourself. Throwing an a use-case or two would help.

Don't just show me what it does and how great it is at thet, show me my benefit.

If you focused on the Video more this could be: Remix your yt-channel: increases the views of existing videos and gives new viewers just the highlights.

Right now: Need to throw together the perfect mix for a party? Mix spontaneus or well planned from all of youtube, without advertisement interuptions and easy to share.


Don't make me log-in before trying it out. Let me dive in to an example playlist right away. (you'd need to allow anonymous saves though or keep the state for after the registering somehow.


The spinning image makes me think that each playlist is just one track. The player controls above the list don't help either, they should be in the right sidebar too.

There is also no visual distinction between folders and playlists.


I didn't make an account yet, but you said you can set in and out-points per video? Maybe it would be easy for you to build a good mashup player (if buffering plays along) one should be able to mute on or use sound of one and video of the other. It's super fun and might be something that people are likely to share.

Wow, so many ideas. Thanks a lot.

You are probably right, that it's not focused enough. I was making it mainly as a music player for my parents initially. So I tried to make it as simple as possible. Then, while playing with the site, I was adding features that looked useful to me.

I totally understand login dilemma (and the site already was blamed as suspicious/fishing on the YT forum). The funny thing is that initial version allowed anonymous editing, saving everything locally, but my kids told me that everyone is fine nowadays using their social login. Maybe I need to re-evaluate the assumption. But that will be a lot of work.

Mashup player, while sounds cool, it seems to deviate too far from the playlist handling and I'm not even sure that it's doable with the embedded YT player.

The spinning thing apparently does not even click with the young generation, they never used anything spinning really. Go figure.

Folders vs playlists. Well, former are rectangular, while latter are round - looks different to me.

So you are probably right and it's all over the map. I will wait a bit collecting feedback and fixing immediate problems and we'll see what could be the direction.

Thank you very much for the feedback.

Edit: trying to format properly.

And to make it easier to try, we just added a regular name/password login (even email is not needed). And for the throwaway accounts just start user name with '@'. I hope it will open DiskYT for more people to try.

I've always longed for a browser plugin that would let me use my browser history from a certain time window and save it as a playlist (use case - friends come over and DJ Youtube videos off your computer).

Maybe this will make it easier for me to recapture those nights.

Interesting, I never tried to drag a YT link from my bookmarks, but it actually works. A link is just a link, and drag and drop does not care, where this link originates. Cool!

And for a limited time you may have your new station featured: https://diskyt.com/featured.

good stuff, nice job! wish you the best.

Thank you. It's rather depressing when you get zero feedback.

I understand that, we had the same feeling when we launch our side project a month ago.

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