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Very good book on this topic based on a scenario-study from the German government. Study was researching what happens to society in case of a large scale energy outage.


https://www.amazon.de/dp/1784161888 (English)

Study (German) http://www.tab-beim-bundestag.de/de/pdf/publikationen/berich...

Study (English) http://www.tab-beim-bundestag.de/en/pdf/publications/books/p...

edit: study added

Why do you think the book is good? I've read it too, but I was not impressed. a) style and story was actually quite boring from my point of view b) I believe that the systems we have in place are much more resilient than people think (my dad was an electrical engineer building grids all over the world, I got my hypotheses from him :))

Really just asking, since I'm interested why this book is so well received

Agreed, Dad is an EE as well. From what I gather it would be easy to cause localized disruption but harder to cause a long lasting total outage.

Then again this is US only. I've been to Nicaragua before when lightening hit a power line. It took them over 3 days to get power back to the portion of the country I was in. It was such a common issue everyone has generators they would switch on, from hotels and restaurants to homes.

I can second that, this book is really worth reading.

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