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OT: Postgres is an incredible piece of open source software, but the official admin UI pgAdmin is in a state of complete chaos. Any suggestions for an OSS replacement?

Although i stick to bash tools as pg_ctl and co, one of my colleagues uses Postico [https://eggerapps.at/postico/] and it seems to do the job pretty well. And yes they made such a mess with this UI.. looks like they tried to rebuild an Os inside themselves, with that painful windows management, notification popups etc.. crazy shit happens

I have taken to using DBeaver. The overall experience is really nice.

I don't like that you have to toggle your "Active database" rather than just opening a new window with a new connection to a different database. If that annoys me much more then I plan to try SquirrelSQL and then retry Postage.

I never understood the hate that pgAdmin3 received, I liked it a lot. V4 though is a mess.

DBeaver is really excellent for so many things.

I use it to organize my scripts which I need regularly. I can also put them on a network/shared drive so that others can access it.

I don't know if pgAdmin allows it, but in DBeaver, I can switch between Grid and Text view to copy paste data into email in a nicely tabulated format, besides of course, being able to export a result set out into CSV etc.



I'm one of those who disliked pgAdmin3, at least on Mac. It crashed reliably if the database didn't disconnect cleanly and you tried to continue using the program. It crashed randomly when using SSH tunneling. It crashed randomly when resuming from sleep. It crashed reliably when you clicked on objects that no longer exist (ie something outside of pgAdmin deleted a table, then you click on that table in pgAdmin). The window would be lost in the nether if I moved it to a secondary monitor and then unplugged said monitor. The query editor was pretty mediocre. That's just the ones I can remember.

Yeah, I liked pgadmin3 but don't like pgadmin4. I like a GUI for traversing and understanding table structure, without having to do \d table. I use cli for everything else.

Will give dbeaver a try.

I've used Aqua Data Studio for ages. Very solid, many features. But DBeaver looks interesting (especially considering the cost of ADS).

There is some movement in that space fortunately. Depending on whether you rather want to lean towards analytical or DB management functionality I'd check out PopSQL (https://popsql.io/), Tableplus (https://tableplus.io/) which are not open source but freemium or OmniDB (https://omnidb.org/index.php/en/) which is OSS.

Pgadmin is awful, especially when you try using an ssh tunnel. If it is going to crash the process, why put it there?

A decent alternative I use is SQL workbench/j (not related to MySQL) which leverages jdbc to connect to any database and has a long feature list. In my experience, it is on-par with dbeaver.

Not OSS nor free, but I've always been happy with Navicat: https://www.navicat.com/en/products/navicat-for-postgresql

Postage – A fast replacement for pgAdmin | https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14884183 (Jul 2017)

> skrause: BigSQL maintains an LTS release that stays compatible with the most recent Postgres versions: https://www.openscg.com/bigsql/pgadmin3/

The discussion mentions a number of additional alternatives. Also: Postage itself is looking for a new maintainer.

All of the GUI tools I've tried such as Postico, pgadmin etc have very poor flaky crash prone query editors. So I use Sublime Text, it has Postgres specific SQL syntax highlighter, powerful search and replace including Regex. Blazingly fast, Rock solid, Runs any query, can even handle result sets of millions of rows that would make most editors crash. Postico is pretty, but last time I tried it, it didn't even show the line number of the code causing an error, so was completely useless to me.

Not sure if this fits your needs, but I've really liked pgweb. https://github.com/sosedoff/pgweb GitHub - sosedoff/pgweb: Cross-platform client for PostgreSQL ...

Not an UI but I love pgcli (https://github.com/dbcli/pgcli), it's like psql but 10 times better. It works pretty well

Not OSS, but JetBrain's DataGrip is pretty great. Easily worth the money.

Soon(hopefully) there will be an excellent answer.

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