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Ask HN: How can I go about designing and implementing a non-trivial project?
3 points by codeNoob 71 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite
Are there any tutorial that describes how to go about designing and implementing a non-trivial project from scratch? I am feeling like I am getting stuck at the planning stage of technical things and have no idea how to start a project. So any thing that shows how to go about implementing a web-based project from start to finish including db, backend and frontend in any language would do. Thanks.

In general I feel the same way. I cant cookup an idea that I find useful. I have made different calculators of a sort while learning diff lang. I usually have turned to taking something already made and transform it into my own. Its hard for me to focus on simple and incremental development until I make more complicated apps so I fall into reversing. Its been my hobby for 22 yrs. Eager to figure out how to get into a field that seems saturated with young folks and internationals that would probably live in front of a screen for a salary that I probably wouldnt be able to live off of with a blended family of 4.

edited for semantics and clarity ... and my first web project



Might get something helpful from:


Not a web app but pretty non-trivial!


This subject gives students their first engineering experience in analyzing, designing and implementing a medium-scale software system.

Which subject?

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