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Getting a $1000 iPhone X? You'll want a $60 Ikea Nightstand or a $5 Rotary Saw (ieee.org)
30 points by teklaperry 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

I hate interstitial ads.

Ikea wireless charging: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/wir...

You can probably find a rotary saw yourself.

Yes, for example if I read about a saw in an article on the internet and then decided to buy that one. This comment is bizarre.

Interstitial is a good word. I like learning new words.

I love how wireless charging, OLED etc are suddenly hot words now that Apple has finally come to the table.

Others have had them for many, many years. Yet, as soon as Apple does it: Oooooh shiny!

There's no need for cynicism. The iPhone is the best-selling smartphone in America. Only some Android phones have wireless charging, and even then not all the same type. The market has suddenly gone from relatively small, to huge.

So yes, they are now hot words. If you make Qi charging products, today is a good day.

Qi is old news. It was in most android phones, and was removed already from new phones.

It's been integrated into many appliances years ago...

All the technical people used and done with Qi cause it's so slow compared to quick charge 2.0/3.0 why bother. Just plug it in.

I am sure the market will definitely uptick again with apple and the apple centric crowd. Definitely agree with you there it's good to be in the QI business.

Time to dust off your old Qi product with the new label packaging that is support Apple products

Qi charging has saved my tablet (Nexus 7 2013) from being trash for two years. Before that, I had an HP touchpad that was saved by wireless charging. Given my experience, I'm all for wireless charging. Regarding charging speed, I have yet to have an issue with that--my problem is more that I frequently put the tablet down in the wrong place and then it doesn't charge at all. I'm not sure I'd trade that for the reliability of weird charging though--it's far more convenient to just pick up and set down my tablet than it is to plug in my phone.

NTT Docomo places Qi wireless charging all over Japan. Okudake Juuden. Fujitsu F-10D has wireless charging, waterproof, 13MP camera, on first quad core with LTE in the world, Jan 2012. Wireless charging is built into the removable battery.

Apple waits for a winner in wireless charging. Finally arrives to the game 5 years after the dust settles. Of course they choose Qi. Ships 12MP camera, in 2017. lol. Sealed battery. Planned obsolete from day one.

Apple buyers already think Apple made wireless charging popular. It was kinda slow TBH fam. Neat to watch your F-10D charge wirelessly while submersed in water on the display though. Maybe good for Apple phones though. Can't electrocute you using non-Apple approved charge pad.

I have Qi in my 2014 Nexus 6 but don't use it. It's absurdly slow compared to the integrated Quick Charge 2.0. No need to always have it be charging, just 15 minutes to top it up and add 8 hours of battery life whenever you want. And modern phones charge much faster.

Side note: My 2014 Nexus 6 also has a gorgeous AMOLED display with better resolution and higher DPI than the iPhone X.

If you think of Apple as a curator rather than an inventor it makes more sense. Buying from Apple gets you an integrated package of curated technologies.

Curation includes managing the risk of things not working, so they will provide technologies that have been tried and proven.

Don't take the breathless tone too seriously: it's advertising.

for a reason. apple's oled is technically superior to other oled displays. that's the way with many things apple does after others did them. they let others rush their crap to you first.

Samsung is Apple's OLED supplier so it's probably similar to the Galaxy S8 displays.

This is a common misperception. Apple has frequently looked to Samsung for parts that are unavailable to Samsung uses for their own devices.

The screens have completely different resolutions and pixel densities. (The S8 has a higher density, but in a diamond pentile arrangement.)

Both screens support the DCI-P3 color gamut.

The S8 has a max brightness of 440 (manual) or 620 (auto).[0] The X appears to have a peak brightness of 625 nits[1], although that's labeled as "typical," so hands-on testing should reveal more details.

For contrast ratio, Apple described the X as "1,000,000:1" while Samsung's is described as "infinite." Marketing aside, presumably hands-on testing will reveal true numbers in a head to head.

The original point remains: The S8 screen is lovely. The other original point seems accurate as well: The iPhone X screen appears to be something new, unique to Apple.

[0] http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s8-review-1603p3.php [1] https://www.apple.com/iphone-x/specs/

apple doesn't just buy panels off samsung's shelves. they have samsung produce according to apple's specs and samsung is, by contract, prevented from using apple's tech.

thinking they just put galaxy displays into iphones is just bonkers.

Does this mean Google might readd Qi to their phones? They took it out a couple years ago saying that usb-c would be more convenient due to it being doublesided and fast charging.

With quick charge 3.0, it really is worth it to plug it in vs in comparison trickle charging via Qi.

Also believe the aluminum body was a factor to remove it from pixel

If speed is the only consideration. I used to love wireless charging at night, because when I was done reading and sleepy, I just had to set down the phone, rather than plug it in. Now I hope I remember to charge it before going to bed, or first thing in the morning if I have time.

True, but then I have a charger in car, in bag, at desk.

I can plug it in for 15 mins anywhere and have a good enough charge for rest of today.

My understanding is that Apple has broken the Qi wireless charging standard. It's the same technology but only works with Apple branded Qi charges. Can anyone confirm?

They indicated at the event that it is compatible with third-party chargers that meet the Qi standard. Their own charger coming out next year makes some tweaks to the standard, that they intend to bring up with the organization and (so they implied) play nicely with the standard.

No. They specifically said multiple times during the event that it works with all Qi chargers, and even showed several different brands.

Apple will be making their own charger but it's not available at launch.

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