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Brad Feld No-Cost Venture Deals Course Starts September 24, 2017 (novoed.com)
83 points by gscott 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Brad Feld? Kauffman Fellows? Sign me up!

This is an incredible resource. I'm particularly interested in the other side of the coin: how to generate deal flow and the mechanics of making seed stage investments in "moonshots" and "hard tech". Having access to live video chat with two major players is phenomenal.

Thinking YC might need to step up its game here ;)

Can't recommend the book enough. Having read both editions a couple of times, I'm still going to take this course.

It's a lot of content and I expect the course to make the more pertinent material points to stick watching the authors describe the content more personally.

Their book is quite good. It should be read along with Venture Hacks. I prefer VH but the PDF weighs in at 1200 pages and while I have finished War and Peace I haven't finished VH.

This book is incredible! I read this book twice cover to cover and then hand copied a version to fully grok it. I make every member of every team I work with read it before I have any indepth conversations. It's that good, and an absolute nessecity in helping to get everybody operating from the same place.

Worth it. I recommend the book to every entrepreneur I meet, it will help so much and save so much pain.

I loved their book and would be interested in this, but it looks like it requires a real-time presence that I can't fit in at the moment. Hopefully they'll make recordings available.

There are some assignments due that you have to turn in to get to each part of the course.

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