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[dupe] Apple Watch Series 3 (apple.com)
28 points by tosh 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

Am I the only person more excited about the Watch 3 than the iPhone X?

I'm most excited about the built-in GPS and music streaming, which would mean I can track my runs and listen to music without my phone. GPS watches cost $300+ anyway so this isn't a stretch.

yes, that's also very cool

I’m in the same boat. I’ve always been rather 'meh' about the watch - the only really useful thing I’ve found in a smart watch was the ability to display notifications on the wrist.

However with the addition of cellular data (and if it works as advertised and has reasonable battery life) it does rather .... exciting.

Shame it doesn’t support roaming :(

No roaming is very bad since I'm a crazy business traveler :(

Well, the stock did spike while the watch was being announced, and then fell back down while the phone was revealed.

No! I am excited for both as I've been sucking every last breath from my iPhone 5 waiting for this phone heh. But the watch to me is awesome. It's actually what I would have liked to see in the series one regarding cellular. It's now a dick Tracy watch! I'm ordering two for me and the wife.

I think Apple Watch series 3 is the best news. Imagine not having to carry your phone and look at it all the time.

I was really hoping that the watch would be able to share a cellular plan with the phone. I'm not sure I'm willing to buy another cellular plan just for the the watch.

Talk to your cellular provider and ask them to provide this service for free. You're typically paying less than the price of a latte per month which seems quite reasonable.

It needs to because having a different number on the watch would make no sense.

I think they mentioned that the number will be the same

Where do you see that it requires a separate plan?

It was mentioned in the presentation. It has it's own sim card - something they called an "electronic sim" I think.

Having its own sim card doesn't mean that it will need its own plan though.

I'm curious to see the data plans

$10/month from AT&T and Verizon, with a few months free up front.

I was interested for no additional charge. I might have been talked into it for $5/month. For some reason, $10/month kills my interest. I'm sure others will decide that's a bargain.

Agreed. The thing isn't going to congest the bandwidth all things considered. $10 is just too rich for the value proposition, but people just love their internets.

So, this is a small Smartphone with a limited-capabilites OS, for which you need a full-feature Smartphone of the same Brand to use advanced funtions.

Still no round watch face? I feel my 2nd Gen Moto 360 and Samsung S8+ look considerably better than any of Apple's offerings. Disappointing.

I'm seriously considering ditching my smart phone altogether and just using this watch. Someone talk me down from the ledge.

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