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Show HN: Manage your cost of app subscriptions in one place (unubo.com)
71 points by leandrothomas 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 51 comments

Signed up. Added a few accounts. Tried adding a custom app and it wanted me to subscribe for $29 per month.

I would happily pay for a service like this but not $300+ per year. As is, there is a free account or one targeted at businesses. What about an upgraded single user tier in the $50 per year range?

Also, as others stated, permissions on Github, Dropbox, etc. seem excessive.

Agreed, right now I use a spreadsheet to track subscriptions, it works great. I think an app like this can replace and add value to a simple spreadsheet but $300 more dollars year to track services I already subscribe too is way to much.

I would shoot for lower per year cost, around the $20 to $25 mark.

Not publicizing this since it’s not officially launched (close to finished), but check out an app I’ve been working on. Receiptdefender.com. Add any subscription as a recurring receipt and you now will see how much you’re spending very easily!

P.S. Native apps will be out right after launch :)

Currently the freelancer price is $10 a month. Not set in stone and no credit card needed to sign up. Would love thoughts from here!

We just launched our consumer focused Plus plan, featuring Netflix, Spotify and more. Check it out.

As responded above, we've aimed this at businesses.

Seems like we'd have success also targeting this at consumers, for personal use. Something for us to think about.

Same here, I use a spreadsheet for my budget.

Permissions have been reduced, and we just went live with a consumer focused plan. Feel free to check it out!

Thanks for giving us your feedback, means a lot. At the moment we've aimed this at businesses, and are seeing a fair bit of response asking for something consumer focused.

Definitely thinking about how we could approach this.

Great idea. Your page has a really nice design, it's easy to tell what your product is and the value proposition.

Also I had a look through your blog, I saw that your marketing checklist included Product Hunt, Hacker News, and Reddit, do you have any plans after those?

Thanks for your valuable feedback! We'll see how it goes with these channels, but generally we plan on reaching out to our target companies directly (tech SMEs).

We'll also get in touch with our existing networks, who displayed interest before.

That makes sense to me. Are you planning on doing any Google advertising or Facebook advertising? I ask because I'm hoping to launch my own SAAS in the next month, and am trying to figure out what works for connecting to the developer community.

Due to limited budget, we're not doing that right now. We're just staying active in communities such as Indie Hackers and Product Hunt, plus reaching out to target audience manually.

Beyond that we'll double down on listening to existing people who signed up, gather feedback and execute on relevant stuff, to make it as useful as possible.

Knock on effect should be fair amount of word of mouth... we'll see.

Thanks! I'll definitely have a look at these.

Thank you, I'll check those out!

Great job! Unubo is an awesome interface for a potentially useful product!

A few notes: - Github permissions seem excessive. You require: - Personal user date: full access - Repos: public and private - Delete repos - Read and write Gists - Access to all available organization - Dropbox requires access to all my files rather than just an App folder (or a limited scope) - All of the above for Trello

I haven't tested the other apps, but I hope you can understand why I'm not willing to provide full read/write access to my code, Dropbox files and project management to a service that tracks their monthly bills. (Perhaps these are required to receive accounting info?)

Sadly these concerns have prevented me from tracking any apps as this level of access seems disproportional for the purpose of the tool.

Thanks for you feedback, really appreciate it. I definitely understand. We're currently reviewing the different apps and what access they really require to be useful. The last thing we want to do is scare people off, so again.. thanks for your input!

Thanks for your comment! We're currently working on a feature that allows you to manage various aspects of your apps, hence the full-access scopes, so for now, to reflect the level of access needed to display billing data, I've updated the scopes to minimum requirements for GitHub, Dropbox and Trello. Would be great if you could connect your apps and let us know your thoughts. Thanks!

Hi there, just letting you know we reworked the access the above apps require, whilst still remaining useful.

Feel free to try it out again.

love this concept, could even find myself using it for personal use if it had other popular web subscriptions, ie: netflix, hulu, feedly, spotify, etc

That was what I assumed it was, I was a little disappointed on signing in! Would be great to have for Netflix + Google Music + etc.

I actually created something like this (free) last year - not as nice interface but more targeted at personal subscriptions like Netflix, Gmail etc. https://sublid.com

Looks good, this was annoying (worrying?) though: https://i.imgur.com/KlSBLYG.png

Hey there, we just went live with a consumer focused plan, featuring the above.. Check us out!

Seems like there's a few who would like these kind of integrations.. again, some food for thought. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your comment! Interesting thought.. if many more think the same as you, could be a possibility to add those too.

As just one guy, I have subscriptions/billing/licences for a ton of things: Adobe CC, Jetbrains, Sketch, AWS, GCP, DO, Deploybot, Dropbox, Arq, Shopify and others in addition to all the more "personal" stuff like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, Canary...

I get why this is aimed at SME teams, but even one-man-teams/freelancers would find this super handy. I got excited and signed up only to realize of the 11 apps available for integration, none were ones I used individually...

Hi there, we just included a bunch of consumer focused apps. Check us out.

Ok.. some food for thought. Thanks for your feedback!

I too would be really interested in this if it had a more expansive list of services available... though $29/mo for it for personal use seems like a bit much to me.

I would love that kind of support. I initially thought that was what you were providing, and I was rather excited. My subscriptions have become an unmanageable beast.

Hi there, we support this now! Check it out..

Looks great. UI looks top notch and I agree this is something I might want for personal use.

I interviewed at a start up in NYC looking to do something almost identical about 6 months ago, just FYI for competition sake. I looked you guys up on angellist so I know you aren't them. Cheers.

Thanks for commenting, I appreciate your feedback. I know of some others that are operating in the same space, but not really that many.

There's room for everybody with their own interpretation of solving this problem.

Really thinking about this for personal use now, based on these comments..

Just curious, does it list itself in the list of app subscriptions? :)

Anyway, great product!

Thanks! Very meta, we haven't thought about it.. probably should add it if people request it.

Great idea, but I get spooked easily. I signed up, figured I'd add GitHub, saw "This application will be able to delete any repository to which you have admin rights," and ran away.

Thanks for you feedback. I get it, we had a few people say this. We're working on limiting what GitHub can do, whilst retaining usefulness.

Despite the admin rights, we don't include that functionality to delete repos. All we do is calculate and display cost, show relevant contextual info such as repos and organizations.

Again, we're rethinking how to limit things.


We reworked this now, and have reduced the access GitHub and other apps are asking for, whilst still remaining useful.

Feel free to check it out.

Completely understand. We've just updated our scope to the minimum requirements to collect billing data. Please feel free to connect and let us know your thoughts. Thanks!

Slack permissions seem excessive:

>UNUBO will be able to send messages to any channel or person on your workspace.

>UNUBO will be able to read all messages, files, and profiles that you can access.

>UNUBO will be able to receive all messages and activity that occurs in {company} as well as send messages on your behalf.

We just launched our consumer focused Plus plan, featuring Netflix, Spotify and more.

This looks pretty neat, like OneLogin and TrueBill combined into one app?

Thank you, I like that analogy! Any feedback or comments, let me know.

I can't login, is your login service down by any chance?

edit:// Yup, getting 504 gateway timeout on /login - I'll come back later :)

Yes, DB just went down. We've implemented a failover, to hopefully avoid this in the future.

Doesn't any/all bookkeeping software handle this already? It's does for my business.

My consumer subscriptions OTOH...

Hey, thanks for commenting. Yes, things like xero handle this, but not in the same way. Bookkeeping software track spend, whereas UNUBO provides a snapshot of what your cost is at any time.

You get to see how many users are assigned to what, and at what level of access. It goes beyond just financials.

Within most growing companies, not everybody has access to tools like xero, which is often limited to finance dept.

Again, seems to be a calling for consumer subscriptions. We're taking notes...

We've just released a consumer focused plan. Feel free to check it out.

Love it. I can see this being useful once you are up to 10 or more subscriptions.

Thanks! For sure, can be hard to keep track after that number.

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