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Show HN: Unroll Twitter threads for easy reading (tttthreads.com)
1 point by jrmgx on Sept 12, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

I made this new service called Thread Reader that given a first tweet from a twitter thread will return a carefully designed web page with the full Tweetstorm unrolled.

It comes with two "bots" - one that answer people who mention "@tttthreads unroll" replying to the first tweet of a threads and give them a link to the unrolled story - the second that search twitter for "#threads" and check if it is a valid thread (> 5 tweets) and if so post a unrolled version back to the author (limited to a few post per hour to avoid to be too spammy)

The stack is good old LAMP using the PHP silex micro framework and of course Twitter API

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