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Looking for Swift and Node/React Engineers in NYC (or Remote) for Contract Work
10 months ago | hide
We're getting ready to launch our new product - Point of Sale system for small businesses and are looking to bring on board 2 full-time (or almost full time) contractors for about 2-3 months. <p> An ideal candidate is in NYC, but would consider remote. Shoot me an email to olga@shoptiques.com. Details below. <p>

<b>Swift Developer:</b> <p> Looking for an experienced Swift developer to help with a Point-of-Sale system iPad app. App is entirely written in Swift 3, and heavily utilizes core data, AlamoFire, PromiseKit. Should have build and distributed at least one OS X app before and has experience with app store distribution, certificates, profiling, etc. An ideal candidate is located in NYC and available on a full-time contract basis. <p> <p> <b>Javascript developer (node and React):</b> <p> Looking for an experienced Javascript developer to work on a Point-Of-Sale system who is comfortable in both React and Node.js. Experience is a plus in: next.js, redux, redux-sagas, as well as NoSql storage solutions (specifically Google Datastore). An ideal candidate is equally comfortable doing work on the frontend (React) and backend (Node). This could be a full-time contract or part-time position. <p> ‚ÄčThank you so much!

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