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Understanding Crypto Regulations (multicoin.capital)
20 points by prostoalex 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Can we get "ICO" or "Currency" added to the title? Crypto is generally synonymous with Cryptography. An article title including the phrase "Crypto Regulations" is rather misleading if it is in fact about financial regulations.

Seconded. I initially thought it would be talking about the legality of encryption or such (as the author of Monocypher¹, I would have been keenly interested).

[1]: http://loup-vaillant.fr/projects/monocypher/

> Governments do however have one source of leverage over crypto networks: exchanges in which users trade fiat currency for crypto.

Not really:

- localbitcoins or localmonero, if you want to stay super secure you can use an option of "cash in the mail". You send money in mail to the verified seller, get back coins. Reputation system allows avoiding scam.

- Mining could be considered as a way of exchanging fiat to currency.

Crypto and bitcoin and machine learning and equifax. Is that all we're getting excited about nowdays? Come on people, let's jump on the Bret Victor bandwagon again.

Cryptocurrency and ML are at least as cool and interesting as visualization design, and online privacy is at least as important. Bret Victor's work is both cool and important, of course, but I think it's in a bit of a cul de sac right now. It makes for awesome demos, but it's harder to generalize and democratize than he makes it look -- some further technological breakthrough is needed, I think. That breakthrough might well be related to ML...

Much of Bret Victor's work revolve around a single mantra: shorten the feedback loop. In his examples, the feedback loop is so short that it amounts to real time interactivity.

I think that's pretty easy to generalise and democratise. You have to care about it in the first place, though. I'm not sure enough people do.

His examples revolve around bespoke visualizations, though.

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