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One "Old" Book to Learn Economics: Economics in One Lesson: The Shortest and Surest Way to Understand Basic Economics [1]

[1] https://www.amazon.com/Economics-One-Lesson-Shortest-Underst...

Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics book was a great introduction, too, though I didn't always agree with some of the politics.

[1] https://www.amazon.com/Basic-Economics-Thomas-Sowell/dp/0465...

In section 23, the author states that economics is a science. Moreover he explains what is an algebraic equation and deduction in math to state that the same deduction can be made in economics. For me this is a great joke. The author portraits economics as the science to predict in an accurated and detailed form what will be the consequences of economic actions.

In the book there are no mention to feeling or poverty, missery or people suffering, but surprising there is an emotional strong empathy for the "forgotten men" that he defines in other terms as the people who pay a lot of taxes.

In this lesson economic is defined as a mean to maximize production, no wonder that manking problems are let outside of the equation. Applying his dry logic drug dealers must be perfect economic agents.

The author try to backup his position with one axiom: We must take into consideration all the possible consequences of any economic policy, but he knows that we need to be aware of all those possible consequences. The word education doesn't appear in this lesson, this lesson is lacking any reference to how create values to make a better society and world, how to live in peace. We need to educate people to make then aware of future implications of economics, but the implications are not only for overall production but for our wellbeing. This is not a lesson to make a better world, is a lesson to forget about mankind, the men are out of the equation. The only victims of any economic policy are the "forgotten man" that is the rich suffering paying taxes.

Edited a lot.

Stumbled upon this last week and it's a great little intro.

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