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found_reading 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

Regarding the concern surrounding fake Engineering degrees, the list of Canadian accredited degree granting institutions can be found here: https://engineerscanada.ca/accreditation/accredited-programs...

You can search for American programs by name/state/institution here: http://main.abet.org/aps/accreditedprogramsearch.aspx

Given how easy it is to verify this (without even getting into systems for verifying student/attendance/graduation records), I am skeptical that this is a real problem in the field of Engineering.

The actual article title is: 'Investigation reveals hundreds of Canadians have phoney degrees'

There appears to be no data to support the title' s claim. The text mentions,

> Ewell estimates half of new PhDs issued every year in the U.S. are fake.

I was about to post the same quote. I'm pretty skeptical of this claim until I see real data rather than the estimation of someone who has some skin in the game (he's written a book on diploma mills). It seems to me he could be making scary sounding claims to encourage sales of his book.

This article made me giggle. The truth is the real degrees are just as worthless.

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