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Ask HN: Is anyone in the business of selling docker containers?
4 points by mrskitch 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
I'm considering selling a container image for a SaaS product, and was wanting to address the "self-hosted" market via selling on https://store.docker.com/. However, I have a rather difficult time finding anything for sale, nor is there a lot of information on web about selling there (appears it's new). The product I'm offering is https://browserless.io/.

Has anyone here built any sort of business or sold applications through the docker store?

Many of the enterprise offerings are for subscriptions





Some appear to be free/trial edition/subscription based, etc.. There are a couple that allow the end user to setup a subscription after trying out the free version of the software (trial edition) or a limited version of the software that allows end users to upgrade.

By "anything for sale" I mean "charging for"

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