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Ask HN: How to secure an old android phone that is no longer supported
6 points by fosco 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
does anyone know any tips to update an older phone that is no longer supported by the manufacturer/carrier (I am not sure which)

I am still stuck on Marshmellow and find myself increasingly frustrated by the lack of updates especially when reading about the recent issues on the September Android Security Bulletin [0]

I am considering LineageOS but I think I am done with android in general and I do not think postmarketOS is developed to a point where I could make phone calls and texts or participate in data plans.

my preference in the immediate near future is to keep my phone without changing OS but know I will switch to postmarketOS type solution as soon as it is ready for general use (phone/data/work with carrier cell towers)


It isn't clear to me what phone you have but it sounds like you are trying to save money. You can buy a Nexus 5 for $80 on eBay. Update it to your prefered version of LineageOS. I have found the Google phones to run much better and have better driver support then random Android phones.

Why don't you want to change the OS?

I want to change the OS, but lineageOS is based on android, I specifically am done with google.

I will see what I can do in my extremely low knowledge in how I can contribute to postmarketOS as I think that is the best route and will hopefully allow me to play with it in a similar way I play with a linux box.

That makes sense. To be fair I wouldn't call myself an Android or iPhone fan but it is the only thing that has Applications. Ok sounds like postmarketOS is your best option.

It seems you're on the right track. Using a postmarketOS is your only option, but depends very much on the device you have and whether the community is supporting it.

I'm using lineageos aka cyanogenmod for years. There is no problem with every day use.

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