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They do it on purpose and have no intention of fixing their administrative inefficiencies. They know most people don't have the patience for this crap so that discourages people from creating a hassle for them with problem/things that they have to do.

For instance, in a past life I may call up to question a charge on my cable bill. Now that I have more money, I don't waste my time on such nonsense. If the cable company wants to charge me an extra $20 for no reason, they can do so, because it's not worth my time to call them up and get shuffled between departments for 2 hours.

Last time a cable company charged me wrongfully (I wasn't even their customer anymore), I called my bank and had them reverse the charge, as well as block any future ones. Took me like 5 minutes. Now the only time investment I have is throwing their monthly threat letter in the trash about how they will cut my internet access if I don't pay up.

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