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HI I see that you have constant opposition to AMP because it renders badly on iphone. Do you know how expensive is DATA here in 3rd world? Native websites, force people to load trackers + install stupid apps (no space in a 4GB android phone). Please once try to get a cheap android phone and you will realize how good AMP is for us to read news. Example visit: ndtv.com indiatimes.com

Seriously, please I am not for support Google. Please do not tell me to buy used iphone to get privacy which also costs $200 (2 months salary). You need a mac to create a "apple-email" account (which costs 4months salary).

I am not a troll supporting Google. I have in my cheap Moto E (pure LineageOS - NO Google Play) works for 2 days without charge. I too hope Google will open up more, but privacy for rich is not fine. We, the poor, need technology even if it means Google puts AMP.

Why are you happy that apple puts walled garden? You have a choice to use a different OS or phone or browser? In linux, even uploading to iPhotos is NOT possible? icloud/ical/Mail all work terrible - try it once.

I am sorry.

Thank you very much. I saved your comment and going to refer to it from time to time.

I always said that AMP is solving a real problem. I just not entirely happy with how they went about solving it.

My main criticism of AMP is that I see it as a missed opportunity to make the web(all of it) better.

If for example instead of creating AMP Google used a well know , open source tool like Lighthouse to benchmark websites and only let sites with certain score into their carousel, I bet that most of news web site would get rid of all but most necessary JavaScript really fast.

Instead they introduced a new format, so now publishers have to maintain 2 versions of the site. It also locks users into Google "platform", not an evil thing per say, but definitely a self serving aspect, for which they get criticized.

It's a complex issue. To give credit where it's due, the fact that AMP and team were able to help people like you speaks volumes in their favor. I just wished that we could work towards fixing the original web, instead of trying to invent a new one.

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