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Nobody thinks of infrastructure as “glamorous,” and that's a shame
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No one thinks “glamorous” when they hear infrastructure and that’s a damn shame.

Clever (YC S12) is a modern platform for K-12 educational software, and we don't have an SRE team or an Ops team or a Build-and-Release team. Individual engineering teams are responsible for deploying and monitoring their own applications. We, as the Clever Infrastructure team, build the tools to make that simple and safe.

We develop tools that allow engineers to spin up their own private version of Clever with one command. We try to keep the differences between production and development as minimal as possible. Builds, logs, and deploys are identical across production and development. As engineers we spend most of our time in development so why should our development environments be anything less than production quality?

We’ve embraced the microservices architecture and the container ecosystem. So far, we’re happy with the decision, but like the Buddha we try to maintain a beginner's mind. We’re not afraid of being wrong. When possible, we operate in public so we can learn from and share with the community.

As a member of the Infrastructure team you will have the autonomy to bring the best tools to Clever, regardless of if they’re home grown or industry standards. Instead of alerts, runbooks, and operational settings, you’ll be focused on building delightful tools for your fellow engineers. After stability, usability is our highest priority. So in addition to releasing a feature, you’ll be responsible for getting engineers to use and cherish it. Remember, adoption is the sincerest form of flattery.

Ultimately, we’re not trying to hire someone who can just close out JIRA tickets. We’re hiring you for your opinions and empathy. Since the beginning Clever Engineering has dedicated roughly 10% of its time improving engineering effectiveness and we feel it has paid dividends.

Over the next 18 months you’ll help design and implement:

-Even safer deploys. We’re trying to get all the 9’s.

-Transparent and robust caching

-Reliable tools for load testing

-Cross region availability

-Insightful static analysis of our architecture and code

-Novel combinations of elasticsearch, signalfx, and cloudwatch to make our apps increasingly observable

-Techniques for applying changes across hundreds of repos

-Easy peasy database creation and maintenance

Clever is in over half the schools in the US. Millions of students use Clever to log into hundreds of apps every day. A couple of minutes of downtime is a wasted day of class. Clever has become a stable platform schools and apps rely on and we believe good tooling was instrumental.


-Strong coding and scripting ability

-Excellent communication skills.

-Experience deploying and monitoring production systems in AWS. Bonus for experience with Linux containers.

-Degree in Computer Science or equivalent professional experience.

-Relevant work experience administering Linux systems.

-Experience with some of the tools we use, preferably at scale: Go, AWS (ECS, Batch, …), ES6/Typescript, ElasticSearch, Terraform, MongoDB, Docker, React, Redux

What Clever Offers

-Free lunch, daily

-Top-notch healthcare, vision, & dental coverage.

-Unlimited vacation days

-Unlimited Amazon.com credits for learning

-An incredible team of fun, bright coworkers

-Passion Project Fridays

Apply here: https://clever.com/about/jobs/infrastructure-engineer#gh_jid=842101

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