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So wait, you only need to provide the very same data that was just breached? So anyone can just freeze anyone else's credit now?

Edit: well, you have to pay with a credit card so it's traceable, so not that bad.

Well depending if you have the answer to the 4-5 security questions , like previous address ,car loan payment amount, or mortgage , stuff that you would only know. I don't know the full scope of the compromise, but someone wanting to use your info would not benefit from freezing it. If you forget your pin I'm expecting them to send it to the mailing address

Even if an attacker doesn't benefit, it's still possible for them to mount a denial-of-service attack. That could be very damaging. Or, they could use the threat of a DoS attack for extortion purposes.

I'm sure paying with a stolen credit card is no problem for somebody willing to steal your identity in the first place...

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