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Does it affect your credit rating to freeze and unfreeze your credit? I wouldn't be surprised if it does. It's insane to me that looking up your credit rating negatively affects it. WTF is that about?

Freezing/unfreezing does nothing to your credit score. Also, looking up your credit score and pulling a report for personal reasons (read: not a credit line application) will NEVER affect your score. It's what they call a soft credit inquiry, which is not shown on your report when creditors pull it, and won't factor in to credit score calculations. https://www.creditkarma.com/article/hard_inquiries_and_soft_...

It does not affect your credit rating for freezes and unfreezes. And it's a good thing that hard pulls on your credit affect your score, because it's a stop gap for excessively requesting credit. It can also prevent heavy fraud because creditors will often reject potential customers with too many hard pulls.

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