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Yes because regulation is working out really well

That is why I have plenty of competition for Internet Access and Net Neutrality is vigorously enforced

That is why the FTC routinely issues fines for False Advertisers for all the false claims that are made daily in ads

That is why there are plenty of bankers in jail for crashing the economy in 2007,

Government regulation is grand

So vote for people who actually want to competently regulate, and work to encourage others to do the same.

Paraphrasing, we are currently getting the regulation we deserve - good and hard.

If you believe democracy is for people. Then you are mistaken. Democracy simply means more than one entity fighting for power. Usually both of them have their own agendas and only give a shit when it’s time to vote. And we all know lying, backstabbing and spreading propaganda on Facebook and media channels is a much better way to win voters than doing what’s good for them.

The system was always a plutocracy and will always be.

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