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Is it really so hard? Cost of a service like Equifax's own TrustedID or LifeLocks is over $100/year. Seems you could easily argue that you'd have to subscribe to said service for the next decade to guarantee your credit and identity aren't stolen?

(and I would think refusing to accept Equifax's "coupon" for TrustedID would be a similarly easy argument to make)

> to guarantee your credit and identity aren't stolen?

there's no right to not having your identity not stolen tho. By this logic, shouldn't you _always_ have the identity-theft prevention service paid for already, regardless of what happened to equifax?

I think you'd have to show _actual_ identity theft occurring with your name to claim damages.

No, now you need to sign up for identity-theft protection because Equifax handed all your info to the bad guys.

If it weren't for Equifax, anyone trying to use your identity would have a much harder time.

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