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Info monitoring is what, like $29.99 a month?

Perhaps reasonably ask for 3 years of monitoring, so $980

But those aren't actual costs incurred yet.

My SSN won't change for my lifetime, so really they need to pay that cost of monitoring. Equifax, you owe me $23,392.20. It's in your interest to pay upfront to avoid the cost of inflation.

> My SSN won't change for my lifetime

This breach, I suspect, makes that less likely to be true. After all, one of the few reasons a new SSN can be issued to someone who has one is “A victim of identity theft continues to be disadvantaged by using the original number”.


It would be interesting to see how they define "continues to" and "disadvantaged by" here. It sounds like it may be implying that multiple occurrences of issues need to happen and just knowing that your data's been breached, but not yet abused, could be insufficient qualifications for "disadvantaged by".

That's retail and the pricing seems highly inflated. Does anyone actually buy these services at that price point?

Credit real time monitoring should be an entitlement for those whose data is being collected.

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