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Consider the implications of this security breach if it's a state actor that did it. I'm going to throw out Russia as an example, but don't take that as me accusing them of doing it.

Cross reference financial information on millions of americans with data breaches from yahoo and linked in, and the social graph data that's freely available from both and you have a serious national security problem. It would be easy to search for employees with serious financial problems at any institution you wanted to target with either blackmail or further intrusions.

Consider the consequences if it is the same/cooperating state actors behind the 2015 OPM breach. At that point there would be mountains of blackmail data.

Hell, I'll take that over somebody opening up a bunch of credit in my name.

I'd guess you are right.

Impacting the financial system is like cutting off oxygen to the military machine. And further domestic discontent is a side bonus.

This was my first initial thought.

It will be interesting to find out who they think is responsible.

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