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Bat bomb (wikipedia.org)
18 points by reimertz on Sept 7, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

If that was interesting to you, I recommend taking a look at Louis F. Fieser's (yes, the Harvard chemistry professor) book "The Scientific Method: A Personal Account of Unusual Projects in War and in Peace".

It has a first-hand account of Bat Bomb testing, as well as accounts of developing more effective weapons of World War II.


It's nice to imagine that the bats probably would have died instantly and painlessly (although I'm sure they didn't enjoy having the bomb, timer, and detonator attached to their bodies).

> Lovell also mentioned that bats during testing were dropping to the ground like stones

I think it wouldn't have been a particularly pleasant experience for them before that point, haha

> The bats incinerated the test range and roosted under a fuel tank.

Does that mean they survived? I'd really hate to think that they were unwitting kamikaze bombers.

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