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Softlayer GLBS Outage – 7 Sep 2017
1 point by adychandra on Sept 7, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite
Start Date: Wednesday 06-Sep-2017 20:00 UTC Event Type: Unplanned Event Subject: Event 47565459 - Domain names put in Client Hold state impacting GSLB and Reverse DNS services

================================================================= / Latest Update / - As of Thursday 07-Sep-2017 17:54 UTC During a bulk transfer of domain names between two domain registrar services, two domains (global-datacenter.com and global-datacenter.net) were inadvertently put in client hold state by the sending registrar, but were not transferred over to the receiving registrar. This caused those domains to become inaccessible. This in turn impacted the global load balancer (GSLB) service reliant on those domain names, as well as the Reverse DNS service.

Cloud Infrastructure is working with the involved domain registrars to resolve this issue and remove the affected domains from client hold state as quickly as possible, which will in turn restore the GSLB and Reverse DNS services completely. Additionally, intermediary corrective actions have been taken to partially restore the Reverse DNS service functionality prior to the domain registrars correcting the situation.

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