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To put it cynically, if you other people can reproduce your results, you might not be demonstrating that you are x10 more productive than them.

Which is to say I think starting with the idea that you're aim for x10 is pernicious and tends to create dysfunctional teams. The claim some developers in some circumstances are ten time more productive than others may or may not be true but software development needs processes whose goal is to help an entire team rather than helping an individual to that "level".

This is why the only time I use 10x is "your team will become 10x more productive."

Yes, it's better to have an x10 team, rather than an x10 developer.

Developers should strive to better themselves, but it's important not to fool yourself, too. Having a strong team is almost always better from a business point of view.

Indeed. I have seen several teams with a bunch of (self-styled) "10x" devs, and found that the productivity and quality of the team decreases in direct proportion to the amount of "10x" devs on the team.

I shun "rockstar" and "10x" (and whatever other bullshit moniker they will come up with next) team members. Give me a group of smart people that gel well together, and are highly self-confident without egos getting into the way, and we can move mountains.

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