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Some choice quotes from Chris Pearson in this interview:

"This can't be understated or just glossed over as if it's not true. My position at the market is pretty much at the top. I'm the most visible person in this space so everyone's gunning for me. Everyone wants a piece."

"There's no resolving this. Either you sue me or you don't. Or you continue to talk, or you don't."

"I've been arguably one of the top 3 most important figures in the history wordpress."

Regarding GPL enforcement: "When I was in college in Georgia it was apparently illegal to get a blow job. But that's one of those laws that's never enforced. So that brings up a valid question. What kind of law is it if it's unenforceable?"

"At this time I feel like my method of operation is exactly congruent with my feelings about everything."

"I don't have time for rhetoric, I have time for action."

"There's no incentive that incentivises me to do anything. All of my decisions come from within."

Also, he calls the GPL a flimsy and unenforceable license. I agree with everyone calling Matt gracious and patient. My respect for Matt shot up after listening to this.

Zuckerberg's theft robs Pearson of sleep.

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