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>Skeuomorphism ceases to be useful once people don't remember the physical thing you're trying to use. 3D buttons aren't actually that helpful to my generation: a lot of the buttons I've used in real life (e.g. those on my microwave) aren't 3D.

That's probably a bad design on the part of the microwave maker. We still use tons of 3d buttons everywhere, and everybody is familiar with them.

>On a computer the most common button-like thing is a web link and those don't (generally) use the 3D-effect.

Links are links, not buttons.

> Links are links, not buttons.

I suspect that most people would have trouble coming up with a definition for a UI button that couldn't just as easily describe web links.

Links take you to a different view (page, whatever), without affecting any other state.

Buttons perform actions (that might also present a new panel).

The problem is bad UIs muddling the waters between the two (having a plain text "label" looking like a link that does "Delete everything in my account" for example).

This fits with the convention that, generally speaking, links generate a GET request and buttons generate a POST one — javascript & the odd GET-form-for-searching aside. Of course, webapps have seriously muddied the water!

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