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Possibly redundant information, but still: ag has those same features. I see lots of reasons to choose rg/ag over grep, but none yet to choose rg over ag.

ripgrep's gitignore support is more complete. ripgrep also supports seamless UTF-16 search, and can be made to search files of any number of other encodings as well.

But yes, the feature sets are very similar.

Well, the main would be speed, possibly even stability, (Rust vs C), but if you're not after those, there's little reason to choose rg over ag. On the other hand, speed is also the primary reason to go with ag over ack, so the question is, why not go with the fastest alternative?

Ripgrep’s antipitch [0] lists some reasons to prefer ag over rg.

[0]: http://blog.burntsushi.net/ripgrep/#anti-pitch

I intended to mention in my original post, but I appear to have forgot: I'm only comparing rg/grep; I have no experience with ag, so I can't speak to it. rg was my first "better than grep" tool, and it's filled my needs quite well. (Enough so that I've not felt the need to investigate ag.)

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