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For movies you need even more extreme ratios, 16:9 is a compromise that suits nobody. A4 or Letter with some extra on sides is better for most productivity.

Care to elaborate? Sure, manufactures could’ve done 21:9 (roughly 2.35:1), but from what I’ve seen, that wasn’t practical at the time. 16:9 was a good compromise. Especially for people who stretch 4:3 SDTV content into 16:9 instead of using black boxes; 4:3 content would look horrible on a 21:9 display. Nowadays though, 21:9 is becoming popular, and it has a ratio of 2.333:1 which is pretty close to a cinematic 2:35:1. If only Windows made snapping three windows side by side easier.

A compromise would be 16:10.

16:10 rotated is good, I have 2412's at home (1920x1200) and 16:9 at work (2560x1440).

The higher res screens win on pixels per inch but are a bit narrow in portrait, what I'd like is 2560x1600 at 24" that would be perfect.

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