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The blog post linked in the GP contains benchmarks, including `git grep`. TL;DR is that for simple queries, `git grep` is going to perform about as well as ripgrep. For more complex queries, ripgrep can be faster.

If you're on Windows, ripgrep will also (seamlessly) search UTF-16.

i'm definitely not anti-ripgrep, but OP did say "I'm surprised that ripgrep is so low" - i'm not surprised at all, just trying to point out why.

it's just yet another tool which i'd have to learn, and yet another tool that isn't going to be installed on the remote machine.

is the productivity win worth installing it, let alone learning it compared to going from `grep` to `git grep`? for me probably not, diminishing returns. doesn't mean it isn't great software!

(also, for the sake of stats, homebrew is macOS only, although i appreciate the info)

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