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Can someone explain the popularity of imagemagick on there? As in, are that many people tinkering with graphics via the command-line?

I think it's still pretty commonly used on the server side for image manipulation on uploads.

batch image resizing. batch image conversion. thumbnailing. making a montage of screenshots or graphs.

many, many use-cases. i use it all the time, it's just more convenient than pixelmator/gimp/photoshop for those tasks.

I always end up using my old standby GraphicConverter (been using it since 1996...) for that kind of stuff since with imagemagick there always seems to be some kind of voodoo you have to invoke once you have a PNG alpha channel, images with EXIF rotation tags, PDF files, color profiles, etc.

Imagemagick and graphicsmagick are being used for server side image manipulation. E.g when you upload your images on a server, two of the first things to be done is to delete the metadata and resize.

That makes sense, so it's to generate thumbnails/resize uploads.

Could it be some node package that has a dependency on imagemagick?

What I'm having trouble wrapping my head around is so many people being aware of imagemagick and reading through it's documentation to learn how to use it.

It was a really popular gem requirement and lots of Ruby developers use Macs/Homebrew

Also pretty popular in the PHP world. Judging by the number of PHP installs on the list I'd say a lot of people are using it for development.

A lot of stuff at the top of the list is requirements/pre-requisites for other packages, for example wget is in top place used by other packages to download stuff.

Or probably since the very first brew command on the homepage is `brew install wget`.

"Ah, wget. I guess I do need that."

i'm not sure this is true. erlang ranks lower than elixir, but erlang is a prereq for elixir

this list is `install on request`. Find raw metrics at https://brew.sh/analytics/install/

Personally, I opted to download it manually since I prefer it over curl for some things.

I am, personally. It's just the quickest way for me to manipulate images. I don't have Photoshop installed, and macOS' Preview only gets you so far.

I do resize on the command line all the time. Format conversion occasionally. Other things few times a year.

alot of other programmable things also link to its functionality as a library..

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