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Ask HN: What are your favourite developer blogs?
302 points by mubaris on Sept 2, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 66 comments
I'm looking for best developer blogs for inspiration

Hey you'd probably like a project I've built -


I've created a system that crawls 100s of engineering blogs and picks out 8-12 posts good links every day. I then tag and publish them.

You may find publications you like by going through the archive!

This is interesting. Do you have the source code for this somewhere?

No clue why you're down voted, but no as of now the source code is not open.

It's a bunch of small / medium sized scripts I've tied together to run the system - I don't think open sourcing it would make sense. Unless of course I spend a bunch of time documenting and structuring the code. Time I unfortunately don't have right now :(

But perhaps in the next couple of months!

Interesting project! I'm curious about how the 8-12 good links are picked. Do you do it manually out of the collected links or is it an automated process? If automated, would you mind sharing how it's done?

Thank you very much for this. It is very good!

May I suggest a feature: Clickable tags. That way one could find all related articles you've found.

Brutal(ist). I like it.

Wow, the quality of articles is excellent! How did you go about collecting a dataset for your ML model?

This project is very good. Thanks :)

Glad you liked it! I do put quite a bit of work into it on a daily basis :)

Very cool! Definitely bookmarking.

You could check this repo for more sources: https://github.com/kilimchoi/engineering-blogs

That's what's left from a similar site to yours

Do you accept blog suggestions?

Sure! I should probably add a button there on the website.

For now you can just mail me via the "contact" link.


Joel on Software - joelonsoftware.com

Coding Horror - blog.codinghorror.com

Schneier on Security - https://www.schneier.com/blog/

Things of Interest - qntm.org

In Pursuit of Laziness - manishearth.github.io

Still Drinking - stilldrinking.org

Shallow Thoughts - http://shallowsky.com/blog/

Captain Nemo - https://captnemo.in/archive.html

Raymond Chen (MSFT) - The Old New Thing


This man is a living history of Microsoft and one of the best resources for WINAPI development.

Used to be http://steve-yegge.blogspot.com/ but I feel like most "blogs" died at the same time. Internet too big now..

Or maybe you outgrew it.

Julia Evans, https://jvns.ca/


Plug: The blog of my file manager [1]. I share my experiences developing a cross-platform app with PyQt. For instance:

* how Google Chrome's auto-update technology works [2]

* which GUI technology to pick if you find Electron too slow [3]

* a video of the release process of my app [4], using the fabulous `desk` tool [5]

[1]: https://fman.io/blog

[2]: https://fman.io/blog/google-omaha-tutorial/

[3]: https://fman.io/blog/picking-technologies-for-a-desktop-app-...

[4]: https://fman.io/blog/live-coding-video-of-fman/

[5]: https://github.com/jamesob/desk

Antirez (the creator of Redis): http://antirez.com

Nick Craver (lots of StackOverflow / StackExchange stuff): https://nickcraver.com/blog/

Coding Horror: https://blog.codinghorror.com/

Troy Hunt: https://www.troyhunt.com/

Steve Yegge: https://steve-yegge.blogspot.com/

If you want to learn Haskell or functional language:

Haskell for all- http://www.haskellforall.com/

Bryan O'Sullivan's blog- http://www.serpentine.com/blog/

Monday Morning Haskell- https://mmhaskell.com/

Jane Street- https://blog.janestreet.com/

Haskell Weekly- https://haskellweekly.news/

Neil Mitchell's Haskell Blog-http://neilmitchell.blogspot.tw/

Types & Functional Programming- http://bitemyapp.com/

Haoyi's Programming Blog- http://www.lihaoyi.com/post/WhatsFunctionalProgrammingAllAbo...

https://fgiesen.wordpress.com Most of his posts end up on the first page of hn. In fact there is one right now

http://nullprogram.com/ makes C look fun

Mike Ash's blog: https://www.mikeash.com/pyblog/

Always impresses me with the depth put into each post. Great blog for a Cocoa developer to follow.

I really appreciate the work of Bartosz Milewski: https://bartoszmilewski.com/

If you use Go, you may like this link aggregator I made based on HN https://golangnews.com which has a lot of good blog posts on programming in Go.

Striked me as odd that this is not mentioned: http://ayende.com/blog one of the strongest developers in the .net world, hands down.

Mechanical Sympathy by Martin Thompson https://mechanical-sympathy.blogspot.com/?m=1

All of his and fellow Azul Systems guy Cliff Click's talks are worth watching as well, particularly if you care about Java, JVM, low level performance, processor caching.

This isn't updated very often but there is a lot of good stuff here.


Second this, lots of good posts there, along with Steve yegge's blog. They feel like postcards from the past but there are still a lot of gems. My personal favourites are:



For the most part, I prefer blog/news aggregators to individual blogs. For example, I used to visit F# Weekly every week:


Most recently I'm a fan of http://devcraftweekly.com/ which some of my employees started as a side project. It's a weekly newsletter on the "Art, Craft and Lifestyle of Software Engineering" but there's also a blog format: https://devcraftweekly.com/archives/

Have a look and check it out. Focus is on development & software engineering as well as remote work and work-life balance.

Also we accept suggestion on good blog posts. We read and curate the bests posts we find. Send quality links our way!

We curate a big list of interesting blogs here :


Great list! I'm going to add these to https://engineered.at

These lists are not useful at all honestly, just a mesh of links with no context or info why it would interest someone.

You speak for yourself, I hope. Because I (for one) found this useful.

You can check out engineering blogs of popular tech companies and start-ups. Here are few curated lists -

1. https://www.cybrhome.com/topic/engineering-blogs-of-companie...

2. https://github.com/kilimchoi/engineering-blogs

Full disclosure - I'm maker of CybrHome.


Andy Wingo's texts about compilers and optimisation. Very nice, especially if you like scheme.

The morning paper by Adrian Colyer: https://blog.acolyer.org/

I love this blog!

This is less of a dev blog, though, and more of a research paper blog.

I wrote a Reddit comment a few months back listing around 20 of my favorite React-related bloggers: https://www.reddit.com/r/reactjs/comments/5t8loz/what_are_yo... .

Off the beaten path, but very interesting still - https://bvckup2.com/wip

It's less of "blog" now, but older entries are a breadcrumb trail of the day-to-day grind of an indie Windows developer.

https://www.pixelstech.net/application/techtrend/ This is not a blog though, it shows you the popular technology stuff at the moment you open it.

Shameless self-promotion: our Bugfender blog https://bugfender.com/blog/

We share technical posts about mobile development, about scaling our backend and database systems and our experience using Go. On the other end of the spectrum we also write a lot about building a bootstrapped lifestyle business without any external investment.

Some examples:

- https://bugfender.com/blog/go-pros-cons-using-go-programming...

- https://bugfender.com/blog/three-years-bugfender-9-5m-users/

- https://bugfender.com/blog/why-a-lifestyle-business-beats-a-...

http://pruthvishetty.com/bookmark#interesting-blogs (Not exactly developer blogs, but something the tech community would appreciate).

I like factorio's Friday facts. It often has some interesting engineering knowledge.

Not a blog per se, rather a 'vlog'. Really easy to follow video tutorials https://www.youtube.com/c/JamieBartonCodes

I built something exactly for this!


I don't have a lot of free time lately but have a few more features queued up, the biggest being automatic topic tagging of articles. Soon!


Investor interviews and sales & markting Q&As

I say every time I see one of these HN posts: Windytan, phenomenal hardware hacker: https://www.windytan.com

There used to be a blog on Ruby called Sneaking Ruby through the System. It was awesome but unfortunately it stopped back in 2010 amidst the Rails craze.

http://thedailywtf.com - learned some very good lessons from it.


I like Dadgum's blog. http://prog21.dadgum.com/

Being an older developer (please don't crucify me he's old compared to people I've worked with), his insight is really interesting to me.

I also use Stacknews to follow tools that interest me. This site aggregates articles and I can read them inline. It's like RSS on steroids.


Prog21 is a goldmine, it's a shame he's retired it.

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