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https://wanqu.co - A San Francisco engineer (me) curates 5 English articles on tech & startup for Chinese makers everyday.

Started on August 6, 2014. It's a side project of mine. I built a website (Django), a native iOS app (Swift), a native Android app (React Native), and some automation tools. It brings around $1200/month via iOS in-app-purchase, sponsorship, affiliate links etc. I keep a full time job while doing this content curation thing at night (2~3 hours per day). So far, I've curated 5000+ articles and I've written over 1 million Chinese characters for comments -- The Chinese translation of all Harry Potter books consist of 2 million Chinese characters :)

Over 3 years, it accumulates over 140,000 followers across 10 content distribution channels as of today (Sep 1, 2017), including iOS push notifications, android push notifications, Weibo, Twitter, chrome push notifications ...

It's in Chinese, so it's pretty much unknown to the English-speaking world. Hacker News and Product Hunt are English only. Non-English projects are not allowed :( I hope my side project can fill the gap between Chinese-speaking makers and the English-dominant tech world. I believe doing good is the best business model.

Checkout my Indie Hackers interview (in English, of course): https://www.indiehackers.com/businesses/wanqu

Good and useful idea! Sounds useful!

I feel there's a huge pattern of "proficient in X and Y" opportunities that people underappreciate.

There may be a million people better than you at X, another million better at you than Y, but only 10 better than you at X and Y.

So if an idea requires expertise in both, the chances of success increase substantially. Or at best, there's simply no one who's ever done it!


This reminds me of an article that I'm going to curate today: "Being Different Beats Being Better" http://dariusforoux.com/being-different-beats-being-better/

I spent years in China and lamented that I couldn't keep up with my Chinese and tech at the same time, so this is awesome to see.

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