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Ask HN: Who's mentoring?
103 points by david927 on Sept 1, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 40 comments
Please state what your mentoring, your location, your name (optional), and your email, like this:

Business Development | London | Jane Q. | x@y.com

Deep Learning | Boston | Nick L | njl@mit.edu | http://nicklocascio.com

Founded + lectured MIT's deep learning course (6.S191), contributing writer to O'Reilly's Fundamentals of Deep Learning book, deep learning consultant for Fortune 500.

Down to chat about and give advice about anything in the machine and deep learning space! Interested to hear what you're working on! :)

Programming, Architect, DevOps, Automation | Bangalore | IN | artpar gmail

I am a developer and architect, I do end to end planning and execution for all types of software (server/desktop). It's fun. I like designing systems and bringing them to life. I can help you with backend/database/deployment/devops/architecture/future planning.

my github: https://github.com/artpar

Scientific software development (mostly biomedical), Telecommunication software development, Computer science / Budapest, Hungary / Laszlo K / kocsis1977 gmail

Details can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lkocsis

People management & leadership | San Francisco | Allen | http://allenc.com

I've been a software eng. manager for a couple of years now, currently a director of engineering at a mid-sized fintech company. I've always mentored other managers within the companies I worked in, but I'm realizing there's plenty folks who move into mgmt. for the first time w/o much support, and even a chat or two goes a long ways to making the role transition less daunting.

Marketing, especially for technical B2B products | SF | TR Jordan | terraljordan gmail

I used to be a developer, now I do sales and marketing. It's fun. I like talking to people who are thinking about making the switch, or people who have found themselves trying to sell/market a technical product.

Leadership and Management | Los Angeles | Weston J | wes@eagerlabs.com

For full disclosure, I am founder of a venture backed startup (eagerlabs) that does this as part of a product offering for companies. I also do mentoring on the side in LA, Boston, and really anywhere in the world, in a less formal manner, including in areas such as high scale web development, ops and automation, and more. I love to continuously give back to our community, so please don't hesitate to reach out.

Data science | Warsaw | Piotr M. | http://p.migdal.pl/

Especially - transition from academia (physics, mathematics, biology) to data science and machine learning. And: getting started with deep learning for image classification.

Electronics, low-level programming | Köln, Germany | Kliment | email in profile

React | Remote (Slack Group) | 200+ people learning React themselves, but eager to help others | https://slack-the-road-to-learn-react.wieruch.com/

It is a Slack Group where people help each other to learn React. Primary it is aimed for people reading the book "The Road to learn React", but the community is growing beyond it. Learning something by helping others can be a great way to internalize your own learnings. That's why everyone is eager to help.

Software consulting | Los Angeles | Amit Gupta | amitgupta15@gmail.com | http://amitgupta.io

I've been developing software for more than 15 years. I have worked with big and small companies. Specialize in taking a project from idea to completion. Over the years, I have learned a thing or two about talking to the clients, helping them understand their requirements and a solution that would work best for them. Happy client is the key to repeat work. Let me know if I can be of any help.

JavaScript & Web Apps | Ohio | Nathan Friedly | nathan@nfriedly.com

I've been building websites and apps for quite a while now, and have mentored a number of people both locally and remote. I'm currently doing a lot of Node.js and React, but I've also worked with Angular, Ember, jQuery, etc. as well as lots of vanilla JS and other back-end languages.

I have a 3-year-old son, so my time is a bit more limited these days than it used to be, but I'm still happy to provide advice and mentoring as needed.

Not a mentor but as a soon to be college grad I'd like to thank the thread creator and all responding mentors. It's so encouraging to see an inviting community.

Systems Dev, Embedded Dev, DevOps | Columbus, Ohio | Alex | root.ctrlc@gmail.com

I've been a developer, system administrator, co-founder, and everything in between. I have links to my GitHub and LinkedIn accounts in my profile. Here's what I've been working on lately: https://github.com/CtrlC-Root/mdcs.

Product Design, UX/UI Design, Customer Empathy, Design Thinking | Silicon Valley | Jose B | heyitsjoseb gmail

17 years of experience in startups (including my own) and big companies


Happy to give feedback and help.

UX/UI Design, Product Design, UX Research | San Francisco | Vesna P. | vesna@merquro.com

Won The best design award at 2014 Launch festival with weareher.com. Startups I worked with went through YC, 500Startups, Techstars accelerators. 10+ years of experience.


Need somebody to review design or any other help? Ping me.

Backend Development | Zurich, CH | Fabian B | fabian.becker b-it-d de

I have actually never been mentoring anybody but would really love to. I have been writing web applications for the past 10 years, both professionally and as a hobby. Lately been digging into machine learning.

Deep Learning | London | Alain R | alain@signalbox.ai

Web development (HTML, CSS, JS, Back-end (Ruby, Python and Elixir)) | Boston | Adam | acconrad [at] protonmail [dot] com

I'm an engineering manager by trade and my portfolio can be found here: https://www.adamconrad.me

Mentoring and coaching people has turned out to be one of my most rewarding activities at work, and I want to extend that to the greater community. People who are willing to work hard, stretch themselves, and have a desire to grow are people I love to work with and generally have the most success with. Looking forward to working with you!

Software Defined Radio | Boston | Devin | dwwkelly at fastmail.fm

I program radios professionally and I've taught several short courses on SDR. If there's anyone in my area who's interested let me know.

.Net Software Dev/Architecture | Nebraska | Rusty | https://hackhands.com/osmyn/

Backend Development, DevOps | México City | Charly Román | charly [at] croman [dot] mx

Currently Software Developer and DevOps consultant, 7 years of experience :)

Architect | San Jose | Sandeep Gupta | https://github.com/sangupta

I am a developer architect and can help with backend/nosql/db/performance/design.

Feel free to reach me at sandy.pec@gmail.com

Backend development, DevOps and Infrastructure, Startups | Singapore | Ruiwen | ruiwen+hnmentoring at thoughtmonkeys dot com

Spent the nearly the last decade building startups (mostly backend/infra work, but some front-end as well).

Happy to share about startup life in general, or chat about tech issues for smaller teams.

Sorry silly question but do mentors tend to charge and if so what are typical rates?

Also any side-hustle mentors?

Leadership, Software Teams and CTO Related Services | London | Jon H | Jonathan.holloway@gmail.com | jonathanholloway.co.uk

Interim CTO and software management. Mentoring for software teams and engineering management. Hiring, growth.

Interested in helping companies from startups to mid size : )

.NET | Utrecht, Netherlands | ico135@abv.bg

Hey, I'm doing regular mentoring and have a few clients and looking to expand! https://www.codementor.io/chhristov

i am making software for nearly 30 years... yeah all that technicals, peoples, methodology, philosophy.. and i keep doing it. Gradually became more interested in People than machines. Mentored a number of people during the years (and 1-2 right now), for last 4 years enjoyed teaching about 50 people Python. Some of them now work with me.. as best teaching is by doing.

topics: python and architecture and languages-everywhere and software-in-general and life-as-programmer-in-general, maybe other stuff too.


Early stage tech/marketing | San Francisco | Jon W | jon@jonathannen.com

Have done tech/product at three startups now. The last now at Series C. Moved into marketing/sales side last 3 years.

Rust | San Francisco | Jimmy Cuadra | jimmy jimmycuadra.com

Real Estate | Orange County | Graham | graham1776 gmail

Docker | Turkey | Mustafa | mustafa91 gmail

go to market, prototyping, tech stack (free for early stage) | Warsaw/Online | Antoni Kaniowski | http://generativestuff.com/sparring/

Javascript, Python, Scheme | Paris | Amirouche | amirouche hypermove.net

Product, Design | SF Bay Area | Pek Pongpaet | pek@impekable.com

Project Management | San Jose | Sid | sid@agilezilla.com

Did this post get censored? And why?

Is anyone else not seeing this on the front page (or any page after that)? It's not on Ask HN either...

You might want to contact the mods via the Contact link in the footer. The monthly "Who's hiring?" and "Who wants to be hired?" threads are posted by the whoshiring user as part of HN.


This may have gotten flagged because it may be misunderstood as a more official posting such as those. The mods may chime in here. For a more expedient response, I'd contact them via email.

Edit to add: at the time of this posting, this submission is ranked 43, appearing on the second page.


For many years people have posted these sorts of variations on the 'Who's Hiring' threads. It's long been a standard moderation practice to demote such submissions because they (obviously?) don't meet the HN guidelines' primary criteria. That's all that happened here.

If we didn't do that, the front page would fill up with these, because everyone has a different idea of what sort they'd prefer. That's particularly to be avoided on the day when the 'Who's Hiring' is already on the front page and the other regular threads are on /ask.

I agree that it's nice for people to offer mentoring to others. We've reduced the penalty on the current submission so it shows up high on /ask.

Thanks for the explanation, Dan.

Maybe a more general reflection would be interesting to people.

A tension of this site is that its core focus (intellectually interesting stories/discussions) makes for an interesing place for people to gather, giving rise to lots of additional opportunities to add value, e.g. connecting people who are interested in the same things. Some of those are very valuable! Helping people find mentors, for example.

Nevertheless, we're pretty rigorous about moderating this sort of thread out, because it's not the core focus of the site. HN's core focus is the goose that lays the golden eggs. Taking care of HN means taking care of the goose and (mostly) foregoing everything else.

If I may switch poultry metaphors, it's a case of Andrew Carnegie's line "Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket." [1] From that perspective, it's not great for HN to have threads that are lists of contact info, even though the contacts themselves have value.

Staying focused isn't fun. It means making unpopular decisions and seeming like we don't care about things we actually do care about. But over the years the moderation has stabilized to a bunch of standard practices and this is one of them. It definitely isn't personal or specific to a given post.

1. https://quoteinvestigator.com/2017/02/16/eggs/

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