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I'm on the LogDevice team at Facebook. Glad you're excited to hear about LogDevice!

I'm not familiar with Bookkeeper, so can't comment on that. I do know that, compared to most other systems, LogDevice emphasizes high write availability. So even if we're still sorting out the details of which records made it at the end of one epoch, we'll still take writes for future epochs. We just won't release them to readers until we've made enough copies of earlier records.

We do our best to ensure that only one sequencer is running at a time. We use Zookeeper to store information but the current epoch & sequencer, and whenever a new sequencer starts, it needs to talk to Zookeeper. So that helps with races where several machines want to become the sequencer for a single log at the same time.

Also, when clients are looking for the sequencer for a given log, they all try the same set of machines in the same order. Essentially there's a deterministic shuffling of the list of servers, seeded with the log id. So all clients will try to talk to the same server first, and only if that server is down, or learns that another sequencer is active, will the client try a different server.

Hope that helps!

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