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One Laptop Per Child: Hackers Wanted (seeksift.wordpress.com)
5 points by dpapathanasiou on Feb 28, 2007 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

There are some open tickets for the Sugar environment (OLPC's desktop environment running on top Fedora). I admire their human interface approach, as to make an introduction to computing more intuitive and natural. However, even without prior experience with computers, I would think a child could easily pick up a standard OS-interface. Anybody else have any thoughts on that?

I wish I'd recorded the talk: the whole Sugar environment is done completely differently from the OS conventions we're used to now.

Paraphrasing (and I may misquote him slightly), he said that using Sugar doesn't involving starting up an application but rather with "what do I want to do", and everything is built around that.

It's a powerful idea, one that has potential to transcend this project into how we interact with future operating systems.

Also, the mesh networking idea (every laptop is a router, that can forward packets even in suspend mode) has potential in how wireless networks of the future will work.

A terrific presentation, and great opportunities for Python hackers (there are probably great hardware hacks, too, but I'm a software guy, primarily).

And don't let that talk about "all the action is in Cambridge or Silicon Valley" get you down -- NYC has plenty of great things brewing!

Uh-ok, I hope pg doesn't hear that!

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