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You analysis is on point. The comments on Reddit in particular were so far off base. On one hand you had people raving about how this needed to be patented and produced for sale - those people are (perhaps optimistically) out of touch with reality. On the other hand were people laughing in his face for how ridiculous this was to produce as a project, because it's obviously not marketable ("I am so smart").

It goes to show how the average person thinks - everything has to be about the ability to make money, right? Why should anybody do ANYTHING if it's not aimed at directly producing income? So few people remotely understood that this has NOTHING to do with the final product and its (non-)place in the world. This is about learning a lot about every step, from concept and design to an extremely complex production process, of a single interesting idea. No, it's not about patenting. No, it's not about mass-producing in China to get-rich-quick. No, it's not about showing off "an amazing 23rd century Apple product", which it is clearly not.

Reading deep into the comments about his resulting product made me even more cynical about the average population. People just don't get it. The overall assumption is he's trying to invent the latest thing to sell people. The only reason to do anything in life must be backed by capitalist ambition! It is an idea, brought to fruition by one man's amazing ability to dedicate himself to learning - and performing - the entire process. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR OWN SKEWED INTERPRETATION OF HIS SUPPOSED INTENTIONS.

tldr; People's obsession with capitalism seeps into everything they come across. You can't share the result of your labour without people only being able to see the possibilities from a capitalist point of view. Everything is viewed from a capitalist (if not, then political) standpoint; anything else is apparently unfathomable.

tldr #2; I am envious of this product's creator. I wish I had even 5% of the creator's vision, ingenuity, ambition, or skill - let alone all four of those attributes.

That's a problem you sometimes see here too, on the various "Show HN"s. There's always some comments along the lines of "nice, but how will you monetize this". Seeing this is a website geared towards startup culture it's something to be expected, to a certain degree. But it makes you wander about the shifting meaning of the word "hacker".

You sound pretty ("I am so smart") and condescending. Must be pretty hard living life as a poor lonely tortured genius.

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