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OpenSCAD! http://www.openscad.org/documentation.html

It might not be where you end, but it's a great place to start. (fwiw, I do all my 3D design with OpenSCAD. Been using it since 2011.)

Very cool! Thank you! How do you find it helpful to think in terms of code that generates a design vs. jumping right into the visual aspect of a design (I'm assuming the latter is how a typical 3D design program works)? In other words, why do you prefer this to other more traditional 3D design programs?

The parts in my designs are fairly simple and mathematical (rectangles with holes like Lego Technic), which makes them good candidates for OpenSCAD. My product designs, though, are first made by hand in a playing-with-Lego-like way (3D printing parts made in OpenSCAD as needed). Beyond that, I like having the precision of source code for my designs. Like source code, I can easily check them into source control and track changes over time.

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