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There is demand for it. There are lots of people trying to buy them, find them, and even make them DIY style, so why no one is making them is a mystery. Could there possibly be reverse pressure because of the market for other screens?

Reliability, generally. Consistency, afterward. Cost, third.

OLED was hung up for years because the blue pixels had 1/100 to 1/10 the lifetime of the red and green one.

In addition, you would be stunned at just how good our visual system is at picking out imperfections. Anything less than perfect (especially involving green) will produce complaints.

After both of those, you can talk about cost and efficiency.

That's informative, thanks.

And I think you're point is on point: people would buy these and not be happy with them, because they want a real monitor. There's also a group of people who want them just to be able to ready articles and write articles (and code, etc) outside, and without charging a battery as often, and would be happy with lo-fi graphics.

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