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Hi guys, I am the creator of this camera! happy to answer any questions.. didn't know it was doing so well here on HN :)

Will you develop a noir cartridge for making beautiful black and white error diffusion dithered animated gifs?



could easily be programmed in. I was already thinking of experimenting with filters.. printing a black case to go with it shouldnt be a problem

The print could have buttons to trigger different filters.

yes I was thinking of experimenting with filters. I decided not to add more buttons since it is a touchscreen and it made more sense to program in an interface when needed rather than set it in stone through hardware

How much time did it take you to make this from start to finish?

The breadth of skills needed to do this all yourself is quite impressive!

thanks! it took me about 4 weeks once I started building.. many nights prior to that just lying in bed planning and visualizing

Cool project! The part that I was fascinated by was not the electronics but the physical design and manufacture. It is very impressive! Would love it if you go into details .. what 3D printer, post-processing, software tools used, etc.

Hey I've detailed all the steps in the album. Used a projet 7000 3D printer, post processing involves UV curing and removing the support(this was handled by the print company). I then dry sanded, wet sanded, painted, wet sanded. Modeled in fusion 360

What's the cheapest you could make the cartridges assuming mass-production?

havent worked that out, would probably need to get in touch with a manufacturer for assuming it's atleast 1/4th of what it is now, perhaps $20. Perhaps even less

a cheap dumbphone that retails for less than $20 has a BOM of around $5 and has CPU, battery and screen. so $20 retail for your cartridge is achievable in volume

good to know

Amazing work, this and the rest of your stuff! Have you written about it on shek.it? I can't find an entry for it.

What about printing little flip books? :) Cool project in any case.

would have to invent a high speed mini printer for that.. next project perhaps :)

I suppose something like an Instax Share printer could work. Not cheap though.

would also need high speed mini bookbinder. wonder if any tech from those automated instant book kiosks would be adaptable. :-P

Awesome work you did there!

I noticed that you don't have to wave it few times before the image appears. That's really cool, but also must be hard to implement. How did you do that, sort of built-in dryer?

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