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Respectfully stating his opinion? What post were you reading? He got downvoted for an uninformative comment that had essentially no content besides insulting Jacques by saying he has an "attitude" and needs to "grow up" — just because Jacques was responding to a question that used a term that offends TGJ's personal sensibilities.

You are right of course, I did not contribute much else besides critique. What I should have asked instead is, is this the best that people have to offer? FU money.

Emergency fund not good enough? Savings plan too serious? I'm going fishing too thoughtful? The best that an essay has to offer on setting aside money for situations unforeseen is to reference it by FU money? Newsflash, its called a savings plan, retirement fund, IRA, mutual funds, mattress money. It's been done before and the only difference is calling it something vulgar in order to connect with the new generation of people. Anyone seen Idiocracy? That's where it's heading.

And to think. "I'm" the one insulting Jacques. Unbelievable.

The whole reason it's called "fuck you money" is because if you don't want to do anything... for anyone... at any time... or if anyone you're working for or with pisses you off for any reason... you can ALWAYS say "fuck you" and have no issue about cash. You can say "fuck you" to every person who ever wants to give you a penny for the rest of your life and you are still fine. It's a figure of speech, and that's where it came from. What you describe is NOT "fuck you money". You can go YOUR ENTIRE LIFE without seeing A SINGLE PENNY OF INCOME other than your "fuck you money". That's what it is. I can't think of any terms that describes it that way, and definitely not any of the examples you gave.

The tone in both of your responses is way worse than the thing you're taking issue with. Your ignorance just makes it worse.

It's cool. I understand. I never expected anything else. Standards are not spread, they are just upheld.

As you said, you didn't read the post, so you shouldn't be too surprised to learn that you are characterizing it 100% wrong. The term does not refer to savings or anything like it, per se. It refers to an extremely large quantity of money, such that you can act freely without any fear of negative financial repercussions. It's the term that was used in the question Jacques was replying to — it wasn't his choice of terminology.

Also, I think for most people, it sounds humorous and whimsical. Unless you also refrain from mentioning hamburgers out of concern for vegetarians' sensibilities, I don't think it's anything to get upset about.

Don't worry, I don't insult easily :) Maybe you should get over your antipathy to the term and read the post anyway, I don't think your comments match what I wrote.

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