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BitTorrent tried to market this product when video streaming on the web was still fairly new under the BitTorrent DNA name. As I recall, over the year it was being developed, bandwidth prices dropped something like 80% which made the market for it pretty much evaporate at that time.

Most cloud bandwidth is crazy overpriced since in the datacenter you typically pay for peak bandwidth, not bytes. You can see this with cloud providers like digital ocean where you can essentially buy 1TB for the cost of running a $5/mo instance. You can build a poor mans CDN using these types of services and geo DNS that saves you a ton of coin.

Totally agree - and bandwidth rates on cloud are crazy expensive [1]. The more common use-case for Supernodes are on colocated servers where you have excess capacity already - or for when you need to just deploy additional capacity for a moment (Black Friday etc), or when you have private links that are uncorrelated to the common CDN backbones (e.g. areas in Asia and Africa)[2]. If setting up Geo DNS with healthchecks is a bit much to get going - this is a self bootstrapping option that doesn't require other changes. That being said we run Geo DNS as well :)

[1] https://blog.edgemesh.com/its-time-to-change-the-web-and-sto... [2] https://blog.edgemesh.com/understanding-diversification-netw...

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