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I think it should be a browser-level feature, just like allowing notifications or location access.

Browsers should have an option to follow one of four behaviors: a) allow all P2P connections, b) always ask, c) allow a low-volume (say, <32kbps) P2P traffic, but throttle and ask if the rate tries to go beyond the safe threshold and d) deny all P2P connections. With b) or c) being a sane default, and a JS API to check permissions programmatically.

While this doesn't solve the problem right now (and would probably take a long while to happen), as a long-term solution, I think that would be the best way for everyone, providers and consumers.

I just think if you'll raise an issue with the mainstream vendors (Mozilla, Google, Opera, Vivaldi) you (as a company) this idea may have slightly better chances to be heard than just some random end-user suggestions.

If this idea fits your vision, of course.


As a short term, I guess maybe you can implement some proprietary API and suggest your users (webmasters) to show a confirmation panel that fits their site look-and-feel. With some readily-available sample implementation that they can just use if they don't want to spend time at all (besides adding a line of code).

We've documented it here [1] and also put an example footer implementation on our homepage[2] as well. Thanks for the feedback!

[1] https://edgemesh.com/docs/getting-started/opt-out [2] https://edgemesh.com

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