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Very cool. If you can make that cartridge dirt cheap, you will have invented an exciting new technology. Build a V2 with cheaper tech, change your wording a bit as to what the device does, keep the polaroid link a little bit, but make it your own and then I think you'll have something that could kick ass on Kickstarter.

Don't forget the Harry Potter branding association. That's what will end up bringing in the big bucks.

and the lawsuits

Make the carts NFC and turn Share on when you remove it. You could Tap to swap whatever gif is currently displayed on someone else's cart. That's probably easier than dirt cheap, disposable displays.

Do disposable displays exist? The ones i have, at least, aren't biodegradable at all, and are in fact barely recyclable at all.

Seems like you're proposing an environmental disaster.

The closest kind of such a display I can think of would be a cholesteric liquid crystal display:


...and even that may not be. I only say that it might, because I have a credit-card sized (it looks identical to a credit card - same size, same thickness) device from my bank, that was given to me as a customer for generating a 2-factor authentication number. The number is displayed as a set of 6 7-segment digits on such a display. I've had it for over 15 years, and it is still running off its original battery.

That said, I've never seen such a display which was larger than what is on my card, nor one that had color (the one on my card is a "greyish-green" color). Plus the displays are very slow to update (but, like e-ink displays, they don't need power to retain the image - at least in the short term; over time, the numbers on mine "degrade").

But supposedly, when the card's battery is "used up", and the card no longer works, you're supposed to cut it up along certain "lines" printed on the back of the card, and throw it in the trash. I doubt that it is biodegradable, but it might be recyclable.

The idea is great, but indeed it would induce a lot of preventable waste

You're right that it would be catastrophic using current tech, but I was only thinking in terms of feasibility.

You guys are all nuts for taking this silly project seriously. I'll just use my phone.

This project fits the generation of non-tech adults pretty good. My grandma for example still asks me to clear her sms inbox because phone op spams it with ads and she hardly can do it herself.

Few decades later this will fall off from reality, of course (if we'll still retain the strict sense of reality then at all).

Upd: supporting your point, I suggest all people here evaluate buying this thing vs. buying a tablet with only two functions: view gallery and view image (and seamlessly download these from fixed photostream that you can post to as a remote contributor).

someone on reddit suggested the same.. using NFC is actually a super cool idea I hadn't considered before

And have a button on them that cycles through previously taken gifs.

I think that breaks the model. Make them reusable carts, but each one should hold one image. If you want to take a new image you have to erase an old one.

Gillette razor model?

> If you can make that cartridge dirt cheap, you will have invented an exciting new technology.

Step 1: Have the idea.

Step 2: Implementation.

We're already half way there!


Step 4: Profit!

I missed Step 3!

There is no step 3.



The Waste produced by this device would be immense.

I imagine you don't throw out the picture when you're bored, you just take a new picture over it.

yes, bringing the cost of the cartridge down is definitely something that needs to be worked on.. this one though is entirely built from off the shelf components

Cartridge is easily big enough to contain a camera (see phone tech) so I'm not sure it makes much sense to make a system which separates the two. A digital photo frame with built-in camera seems more plausible, cute as it is to emulate an old Polaroid machine.

Yeah the real jam would be a low profile e-ink + custom pcb "prints." The low fidelity + refresh rate (compared w e.g. an LCD) could be positioned as a feature.

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