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One option is Varnish [1] with some DNS routing to your caches. It's well tested and deployed. If most of the users are on metered connections your correct that they won't be able to provide upload capacity (but will be able to download). In those cases you can also just deploy the server version [2] mentioned here and disable the browser client.

[1] http://varnish-cache.org/trac/wiki/Introduction [2] https://edgemesh.com/product#Supernode

Is there any way I can selectively enable/disable upload capacity on the client side with some form of JS method? I know on my own end specific netblocks that are severely metered (<1-5GB/m) but likely won't show up as such because they're usually 3g wifi modems or otherwise, so will just be a wifi connection instead of mobile.

Are my supernodes used for any other site / are my users' browsers used for any other site than mine?

You can limit your supernode to your Origins [1] by setting the EM_ORIGINS environment variable.

With regards the first point we should detect it (based on you ASN, if you are on 3g modems they won't be able to upload). E.g. even though your laptop/tablet is on 'Wifi' your actual IP that comes to the backplane will be from your network block (the cellular address block) and so your client will be automatically removed from the available upload pool (although you can still download). Feel free to PM me directly if you've more questions

[1] https://edgemesh.com/docs/supernode/configuration

Sent you an email w/some more details. Thanks!

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