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For those hosting assets on S3, you can use something like http://idiallo.com/blog/creating-your-own-cdn-with-nginx or https://github.com/alexandres/poormanscdn with Geo routed DNS on Route 53. Seems a lot simpler than this (but probably not as feature-rich).

With this there's no DNS to even setup which is nice. Route53 is great but getting the failover and geo-routing to work is ... challenging. But I would def still keep a base NGINX and/or Varnish cache at the origin for sure. Can also look at AWS Cloudfront[1]

[1] https://aws.amazon.com/cloudfront/

Yep, CloudFront is great. The disadvantage is missing Let's Encrypt support, which is trivial with the two options above.

AWS has Certificate Manager, you don't need let's encrypt.

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